Our expert restaurant manager software helps you to maintain restaurant automation and total customer services. Streamline the processes to accelerate performance and goodwill and provide optimum satisfaction to your patrons. Implementation of this software will enable you to upgrade your service levels by aiding you in your day to day transactions.




Billings Inventory/FNB Control Accounting Utilities Key Features More












Multiple point of sales
Multiple stores, Kitchen department and other departments













FiveLevel Security








Y2K Compatible






All billing functions for restaurants, bars and fast food operations.
Items with classification for raw, intermediate and nonfoods
Os Shell
LAN Compatible
About Software
Presentable and accurate guest bills
Recipe Management
Cash flow management
Pop Up Window
About R.G.S.S
Food and liquor bills
Stock Ledger and stock status monitoring
P&L accounts
Pull Down Menus
Cash, cheque, or credit settlement modes
Proposed production/sales Vs Actual Production sales
Online Help
KOT and bill auditing
Kitchen material utilization and variance
Support and Training
Reports on modified or canceled KOT and bills
Menu item simulation for ROW material requirement
Simple to Use
Menu sales analysis ( Daily/Periodic)
Daily costing report with sales adjustments
Table Utilization and cover analysis
Purchase rate variations
Tax collection
Periodic analysis of consumption
Cashier day book for cash and receipts payments
Collection summaries
Periodic sales and collection analysis