Efficient functioning of complex hospitals necessitates smooth flow of information across various departments. In order to manage the information needs of a modern day hospital R.G. Software and Systems has developed a hospital management System using SQLServer RDBMS.
R.G. Hospital Management Software is a comprehensive software package.
The software has been designed to monitor all the primary and secondary
functions of a hospital. The software can be customized and is fully
extensible. The software is divided into specific modules each relating
to a definite aspect of medical care and function. The information
on each module is depicted below...


Medical Services
This module takes care of inpatient admissions, their subsequent discharge, transfer to other departments, ward maintenance and updating of medical records.
This module schedules and maintains appointments taken by patients to the OPD clinics and works in conjunction with the outpatient module.
Enables the hospital to record the patient arrival at the Emergency room. The details of the patients condition can be viewed by the attending doctor through this module.
Provides information on the patients admitted to the hospital. Records the arrival and departure and real time status.
Patient Records
Creation of medical records of the patients and management of these records.
Medical Records
Maintain patient history and generates documents like birth, death and discharge certificates.
Takes input from other modules and uses the information to generate periodic MIS reports. These reports can also be generated by other departments and the management on demand.
Support Services
This module enables the hospital management to keep track of the medicinal requirements of all patients.
The medical details of the various pathological tests performed on the patients are monitored through this module.
This module enables the hospital to record and schedule the requests for radiological tests like X-ray, CT Scan etc.
Blood Bank
Through this module the hospital can record and subsequently maintain the details and issue of blood donations to various departments.
Administrative Services
In case employee training programs are undertaken, this module can be used to select candidates, evaluate their performance and schedule their training program.
Keeps track of the housing availability if a housing pool for the employee is maintained.
Keeps track of all items required by the hospital and can also record the requisitions for various items placed with the inventory department.
Manages the entire requisitioning and purchasing process for stock items being used by the hospital.
Takes care of recording and maintenance of the account master, voucher transactions. Reports include P&L statements, Balance sheets etc.
Equipment Tracking
Through this module the hospital can keep track of preventive and corrective maintenance activities being performed on various hospital equipment.
System Maintenance
Secures access to various systems by allocating passwords and maintaining lists of users and their access to their system. Access is controlled right down to function level.
Data which is semi permanent in nature and relates to medical and administrative department is maintained.
Statistic master
Data which is of a more permanent nature e.g.. Demographic details, general heads, etc. is maintained .
Night Audit
Handles repetitive day to day processing like diary generation, table indexing, backup creation etc.